Friday, April 4, 2008

Lou Romano

I mentioned this guy before, buried in another post, but I wanted to highlight him here. Lou Romano is a brilliant colorist and has worked as illustrator and designer on various projects including The Powerpuff Girls and The Iron Giant. He soon got a little job at some place called Pixar (Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, Cars). He's also done some voice work there, including the lead character Linguini in Ratatouille.

Anyway, I got a bit of mail from The New Yorker asking that I subscribe (I did) that included a fold-out of covers. There was a beautiful one of a just-married couple in a taxi with a rainy night-time New York backdrop that grabbed me like... like... something that grabs... real hard. I thought, "heh, looks like Lou Romano's stuff, but better!" D'oh! I looked it up and it was indeed a Lou Romano, reminding me of just how much I love this guy's work. He has a mastering of color that kills me! Look, I'm dead!

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