Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A few artists I've noticed...

Javier Gonzalez Burgos - Illustrations Artworks. Surreal and serene illustrations.

Meg Hunt - Ooo-la-la! Delish! Her site, her blog.

Yara Kono - Her flickr, her blog. I love this stuff!

André Gribble - Ya callate André (blog) - Brilliant design and illustration.

Betsy Walton - Her site, her flickr. More fine art than illustration, with a dreamy imagination.


Here's a few things of various topics you may want to check out...

Giant Golden Book of Biology - Illustrations by Charles Harper - a triumph of design and illustration!

Creating the cover of a novel. Irish illustrator PJ Lynch shows a step-by-step of how he goes through the process of creating a book cover.

Bear Tools I and Bear Tools II has Kevin Cornell of Bearskin Rug giving us his tools of illustration - guides on pencils, erasers, and inking implements.

Illustrophile, a blog "for lovers of illustration and commercial art" that started last August. It features mostly artists and designers that are currently working.

By the way - if you enjoyed the illustrations by Charley Harper (above), then check out more of his work here and here.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Alina Chau - Ice Cream Monster

Alina Chau is well known among us congregating illustrators on the web. She contributes to a few illustration groups online and she comments on almost everyone's entries. But what makes her stand out from most of us is her sketchwork - with a few blotches of watercolor and some choice, flowing lines, she captures the essence of beauty of everything she sees or imagines. She's an animator and I'm looking forward to great things from her, but for now I can admire her sensitive and lovely sketches and her beautiful books. Explore her work and be inspired.

Alina Chau's Blog
Alina's Portfolio Site
An Interview with Alina