Friday, February 8, 2008

Jeff Soto

Jeff Soto is one of my favorite artists on the lowbrow art scene. His art seems to me as graphic-heavy dreams, a dimension of logo-like gods invading into our own. And he's a real cool guy. It always amazes me how approachable these artists are. While highbrow artists of other genres can get wrapped up in their intellectual vanity, these "lowbrow" artists (and their kin, like graff artists, animators, comic book artists, etc.) really love the work of other artists and encourage aspiring artists. Anyway, check out Jeff Soto's website and then check out his blog (where he hangs with some of my other favorite artists like Mark Ryden and Gary Baseman).


Jeff Brame said...

Love Jeff Sotos work. I saw an paint by number he added to for a charity auction and was just WAY freakin cool. Everything he touches is fun. Lowbrow art rocks.

mike r baker said...

Hey, Jeff! I was at that charity auction! Met a lot of great folk that night. :)