Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sam Weber

There's a calm, frozen quality to Sam Weber's art, like a pond of ice, but just underneath that ice is a scene of intriguing terror. Sam finds beauty in blood and vacant stares. His work is a muted wash of monochrome colors with slashes of detailed branches or hair running through like Japanese brush strokes. A bit disturbing but you can't tear your eyes away.

Sam Weber is married to the fabulous artist, Jillian Tamaki.

Sam Paints - Sam Weber's site
Sam Weber at Lines and Colors
Sam Weber at Illustration Mundo
Sam Weber at Drawn


Raluca C said...

a bit grotesque and not something for your comfort zone,but indeed fascianateing!I´ll take a visit to see more

Marcos Mateu said...

These are really beautiful, different looking illustrations. Excellent work.