Monday, May 19, 2008

Flora Chang - Happy Doodle Land

Flora Chang is a graphic designer for work but her illustrations foretell a bright future - a future I look forward to seeing. Her retro-cute block-print style is so delicious and inspirational.

I asked her what her inspirations are and she answered: I admire many artists. To name a few: Mary Blair, Jim Flora, Richard Scarry, J.P. Miller, Tim Biskup. My favorite Japanese artists include: Shinzi Katoh, Piu Sudo, and Sakura Momoko (creator of Japanese cartoon "Chibi Maruko-Chan"). - I can certainly see all of these influences in her art, but her own personal flair shines through.

Flora is from Taipei, Taiwan and now resides in Kansas City. Besides being an amazing artist she is also a wonderful musician!

Enjoy the delightful art of Flora Chang!

Happy Doodle Land
Flora's flickr


Raluca C said...

is the first time i visit this inspireing site you made and i must say I´m really impressed by the artists their work you posted here!Congratualtion was a real joy for soul to be here.Hope you don´t mind if I link you to my blog.By the way,beside the works you present here I like very much the ''banner'' you made for this site:very atractive with a twist of mistery in it!Congrats!

Distressing Delilah said...

My first time here also! woo hoo! love it!!!

André Gribble said...

Flora Chang is fantastic! Such a great style and she makes it look too easy!
This blog is great, many illustrators I like and admire are here! This is a great resource. I'll make sure to visit often.