Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It's been a long, long time since I've been updating my blogs. I apologize for not being around, answering emails or requests, writing, drawing... just doing anything but healing. See, I spent all of 2010 fighting cancer. The good news is that the cancer is gone, I am healthy, and I am ready to draw and blog again! And it sure is great to be back.


Debz said...

im so glad your feeling better <3 all the best <3

bluehour said...

Yikes. I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully you will have a much better year this year and be able to share more of your work with us all.

Wouter Bongaerts said...

glad to hear you are better!
all the best, thanks for sharing all this lovely stuff

greets from Belgium

Nuno Alexandre Maia Vieira said...

I love your blog. I was here every single week, or month to see if you update it.
Now I know the reason. You win this battle. Go for it!!

Zepol Ilustradora said...

Ilustraciones muy buenas e interesantes, esta en especial es la que mas me gusta. Saludos

Joanne Casey said...

Hope you're doing well, here's to the future!